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Apologetics Conference (Jan. 2016)


JANUARY 4-8, 2016

DEFEND THE FAITH is a 5-day, 5-night conference for training in Christian Apologetics on the campus of New Orleans Baptist Theological Seminary. We seek to equip Christians with the answers to the the tough questions that the world is asking.

Speakers will include: Nik Ripken

Author, The Insanity of God

Paul Copan

Palm Beach Atlantic University

Gary Habermas

Liberty University

Sarah Ankenman

Online for Life

…Tim McGrew, Douglas Groothuis, Tom Gilson, Neil Shenvi, and many others.

Students can earn graduate credit in theology, ethics, and apologetics.

For more information on the conference, click here.

Defend the Faith 2015

On January 4-9, 2015, New Orleans Baptist Theological Seminary will host one of the largest apologetic events in North America. “Defend the Faith” is an annual conference which features five days of instruction by leading apologists. The event website explains, “We seek to equip Christians with the answers to the tough questions that the world is asking.” This year’s speakers includes Gary Habermas, Paul Copan, and Douglas Groothuis.

I attended last year’s conference and was impressed at the depth and breadth of the content. There is still time to register, and it is possible to earn graduate credit for courses such as Christian Apologetics, Christian Ethics, and The Problem of Evil. College students can attend for free, and the evening presentations are free to the public. For details on the speakers, schedule, courses, and registration, click here. Some of the presentations will be available via live streaming here.