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Not On Our Watch

Today, I sat in a NOBTS chapel service which left me in tears. The entire service is worth watching, from Dr. Rhyne Putman’s call to pray for the complete abolition of abortion to the time of corporate singing.

The Dean of the Chapel, Dr. Blake Newsom, preached a message from his series on the parables of Jesus. The entire sermon video is found below. In his closing remarks (at 30:30), Newsom addresses the recent announcement by the Southern Baptist International Mission Board to request that hundreds of missionaries volunteer for early retirement. In the context of Jesus’ warning against greed and materialism, Newsom speaks prophetically to our convention of churches. I encourage you to find and watch that portion of the video. Some of his statements include:

“On our watch, we’re bringing in workers from the field?!”

“God help us, that we are buying $5 coffees and we are bringing in missionaries from the field.”

“Has lostness been penetrated to such a great level that we need to call in our workers? No!”

This is a powerful call that I needed to hear, and I think others would benefit from considering his call to do with less so our missionaries can continue their work.

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