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Sam Storms on Infant Salvation

Today, The Gospel Coalition posted a brief excerpt of a book by Sam Storms answering this question: Do All Infants Go to Heaven?

My interest in this topic resulted in a PhD dissertation (revised as a book) and other articles and presentations (see here).

I am largely in agreement with Storms’ arguments and conclusion. In my estimation, however, Jeremiah 1:5 and Luke 1:15 refer to God’s choice of a prophet, not infant salvation. Also, I do not think the Bible describes salvation in terms of deterministic, individual election. Rather, the Bible describes salvation as a gift of grace that individuals are free to accept or reject. Otherwise, this is an excellent article. My favorite quotation from the article is:

Given our understanding of God’s character as presented in Scripture, does he appear as the kind of God who would eternally condemn infants on no other ground than that of Adam’s transgression?

Storms anticipates the rhetorical answer: no.

I agree.

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  1. I just saw this post the other day and thought of your book. I think Dr Vines is right when he suggests the recent surge of Calvinism will subside over time. Thanks for doing your part to assure that younger scholars push back against the flow.

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