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Soteriology 101 Interview

For those interested in theological podcasts, read on.

Recently, I spoke with Leighton Flowers by phone for an interview for his podcast, Soteriology 101. Leighton serves as youth evangelism director for Texas Baptists. (Among other duties, he coordinates Super Summer and Youth Evangelism Conferences in Texas.) Also, he serves as an adjunct professor of theology at Dallas Baptist University. Last fall, I began serving as Leighton’s faculty advisor for his Doctorate of Ministry research project at NOBTS. About the same time, he began podcasting to engage his students and others interested in discussions on issues surrounding the doctrine of salvation (Soteriology is the term for the study of salvation).

Our discussion primarily addressed original sin, drawing from my writings on the topic (this book, this booklet, this article, and this essay). We touched on issues such as: Romans 5:12-21, imputed righteousness, semi-Pelagianism, the “Traditional” Statement, and the possible dilemma caused by the existence of multiple confessions at Southern Baptist seminaries.

The interview was divided into two parts (Sept. 1, “Born Guilty?” and Sept. 8, “Born Guilty? [Part 2]”) and can be heard here.

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